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What is Essential Skills Advantage?

ESA is an online reading and language program for kids in grades K to 6. Our program consists of 1000s of fun and engaging activities that help build skills in sight words, phonics, spelling, grammar, reading comprehension, and much more!

ESA is proven to increase motivation, build confidence, and improve grades. It allows children to learn independently and at their own pace in a distraction-free environment, and caters to visual, auditory, and tactile learning styles.

Our program is an excellent supplement for any curriculum whether it’s to introduce new skills or for review.

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What ESA Parents Have to Say


Best customer service ever!

Just upgraded today. Best customer service ever! Prompt, friendly and just amazing. This is a great program and my daughter loves it.

Program was instrumental

My son is doing much better in school. Thank you for your help, your program was instrumental in getting him up to speed with his classes.

This will help so much

I just wanted to thank you for providing this free for my children. I have 2 autistic children and financially cant afford much extra. We are a homeschooling family and this will help my children so much. Thanks again!

Great program

Great program my daughter loves it! Thank you!

Absolutely loved it!

Today was the first day we used ESA and we absolutely loved it!

Love your programs

We really love your programs.

Excellent customer service!!!

Excellent customer service!!!  I'll definitely recommend ESA.

She enjoys your program a lot

Thank you very much.  She enjoys your program a lot.

Very pleased

We were very pleased with your service. Thank you.

Wonderful product

I commented on your recent blog post and neglected to tell you how much I appreciated your wonderful writing and your wonderful product. Typical American- bypass the greetings and get right to the point- so sorry! Admiration to you!!

Fantastic Service!

Fantastic Service!

Such a great tool

Thank you so much, I am using this site with my granddaughter who just went to kindergarten, it is such a great tool.

Very cool!

My daughter, 4th grade, uses this and LOVES it! There is a pay version where you can get grade reports, but the free is awesome! Also, they told me that you can sign up anytime for the pay version and you will get cum...

Greatly enjoying your website

My boys are greatly enjoying your website and learning a lot. I am glad that I have joined your website. Thanks for all your help and support.

A great learning tool

I really like the program, it seems like it will be a great learning tool and fun for the kids

A program that makes learning happy and fun!

As a family, we have been looking for a program that our children would love to learn that had multiple learning areas. We found that with Essential Skills Advantage. It is really easy to get started, log into, and navigate. I did not need a HUGE...

Kris, Homeschooler
Really excelled with this program

He loved doing this program. He would do it as long as I let him and he didn't care if he had already completed things or not. He loved the "dancing doggy" that appeared whenever he completed something and he was in LOVE with his certificates. He ...

Lisa, Homeschooler

I CANNOT keep my son off of it. He doesn't care if he gets everything wrong...LOL. But he has gotten a REMARKABLE amount of activities right with little instruction. He's just turned 4 years old but is rocking the Kindergarten level. There ARE so...

Brittney, Homeschooler
Top of my list this year

High quality programs, like Essential Skills Advantage have made the top of my list this year. Not only that, but it has made the top of my children’s list too.  You can tell how much your children like a curriculum when they want to spend th...

Candy, Homeschooler
Very beneficial

I think this program is very beneficial. Language Arts can be complicated subject matter, and many children have trouble with one or more areas. Whether it's spelling or reading or grammar, this program can help them solidify the concepts in a fun...

Erica, Homeschooler