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What is Essential Skills Advantage?

ESA is an online reading and language program for kids in grades K to 6. Our program consists of 1000s of fun and engaging activities that help build skills in sight words, phonics, spelling, grammar, reading comprehension, and much more!

ESA is proven to increase motivation, build confidence, and improve grades. It allows children to learn independently and at their own pace in a distraction-free environment, and caters to visual, auditory, and tactile learning styles.

Our program is an excellent supplement for any curriculum whether it’s to introduce new skills or for review.

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What ESA Parents Have to Say


Greatly appreciate the opportunity

Thank you for offering this free reading program. I will begin home schooling my three children ages 3-6 this year and greatly appreciate the opportunity to use your program.

This has been great

I started my 5 year old granddaughter on this. With just a little instruction and help from me she has blown through most of the 1st module. This has been great. I have her working on my laptop instead of a tablet and she is getting computer skill...

Thank you for making this program

I signed up for it last week and today he started playing and he likes it. Thank you for making this program.

She loves this program

One of my children is developmentally delayed and she loves this program. I am hoping it will help as well. What I really like is she can go back and practice the skills, instead of just doing it one time. I believe this will really help her with ...

Very educational

My son loved it! He likes the matching game a lot  very educational! thank you!

I love it

I have only had this a few days me as a parent I love it. I am using it with my son which is 8 and also my 4 yr old nephew.

Makes spelling FUN!

I have to say that we've been using this program for a few weeks now mainly for spelling and some grammar as well. I am seeing an improvement in spelling and my kids love to use the program! That's a win- win! This program makes spelling FUN! Than...

It's awesome

I have been using with my 1st grade son and it's awesome he enjoys it and so do I!

Stayed focused the whole time!

My boys are 5 and 7. They love it and stayed focused the whole time! Awesome

He loves this program

I home school my first grader and he loves this program. Thank you for offering this program for FREE!!!

This is awesome!

This is awesome! My son loves it and he's enjoying it right now. Thanks.

We both love it!!!

I have been using this for the past week with my son, and we both love it!!! Thank you ESA!!

A WONDERFUL product!

Thank you so much for a such a WONDERFUL product! My daughters are three and four years old and I had to tear them away from the computer today. You have provided another tool in my educational arsenal. May God bless your company and staff greatly.


Love your program

Mrs. Diaz
The only site I let my kids on

This is the only site I let my kids on for computer time! Ages 5 and 7!


By the way my daughter LOVES LOVES LOVES this site and is just whizzing through it (she is picking up things very fast and retaining) so thank you for a great program!

Love it!

Signed up 3 days ago. Love it!

Flying through it

My Gabby loves this . She is flying through it.

Great for extra practice!!!

I just got this and my kids love it. Great for extra practice!!!


My daughter does between 20-40 minutes almost everyday. SHE LOVES IT